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Nail Extensions

We offer three types of Nail Extensions:

Dip Powder


Hard Gel

As with all our services, our nail extensions are without any acrylic fumes. We take extra care to maintain nail bed health and integrity in both the application and removal processes. Your nails will remain stronger, longer. You may select based on the desired finish (dip powder, gel, polish), the desired length/shape or look and feel. And of course, whatever your choice, your nails will look amazing!

(NB: Please, note that extra long extensions and stilettos will incur an additional charge of $10)

Dip Powder

Add a ..little

for more dip powder dazzle!

DIPPED EXTENSIONS                                $74

Expertly crafted tips extensions with Dip Powder sans the acrylic fumes: Shape, cuticle maintenance, moisturizer. Long lasting, no lifting, no chipping, very short dry time.

DIPPED EXT. WITH REMOVAL              $88

Removal of your Dipped Tips, followed by a new set. 

GEL-X (Apres)

The nail extension that can be soaked off like gel polish! Strong, yet flexible.

GEL-X  EXTENSIONS                                  $78

Gel-based nail extensions that look as natural as your own nails. Cuticle maintenance, extensions application, shape, gel polish. Long wearing, no chipping, no dry time.

GEL-X  EXT. WITH REMOVAL                 $92

Removal / soak off of existing GEL-X extensions, followed by a new set. 

Hard Gel

Long lasting, sculpted set that can be filled 

HARD GEL EXTENSIONS                          $84

Sculpted Hard Gel Set: High fashion, fume-free nail extension. Can be filled.  Cuticle maintenance, build, shape, moisturizer. Long wearing, no chipping, no dry time. Includes polish or gel finish.


Fill (refill) for a set of Hard Gel Extensions. It includes the gel finish (additional charge if more than 2.5 weeks since last fill).

Boost the pizazz....

A LA CARTE                                           $5 & up

Customize your extensions: Nail Art, French polish, Ombre, Chrome, Glitter.


Repair or remove your extensions. Select and book online or call us.

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